How to Rank Blogger Post on Google ?

How to Rank a New Blog ? Easy To Rank Your Post On Google ?

Hi Friends Today I’m Going to Tell You How to Rate Your Post on Google ?  a Lot of People Want to Blog and a Lot of People Have Started Blogging so They Have a Problem in One Place. and a Lot of People Stopped Blogging from There. They Might Not Be Allowed to Comment

But Mates, All This Is Wrong. Blogging Is Not a Difficult Job. but the Hard Work Is to Rank the Post You Are Writing in Google. How to Rank Blogger on Google? so That Your Post in a Certain Keyword, Your Post Comes to the Number 1 Page in Google. or Ranks. How To Rank On Google ?

Rank On Google First Page ?

But Mates, All This Is Wrong. Blogging Is Not a Difficult Job. but the Hard Work Is to Rank the Post You Are Writing in Google. How to Rank Blogger on Google? so That Your Post in a Certain Keyword, Your Post Comes to the Number 1 Page in Google. or Ranks.

Why Do Everyone Want Their Post to Come on Google’s First Page Because If Your Post Comes on Google’s First Page Then Your Site ‘s Traffic Will Be Good and You Can Actually Get Traffic from There. I’m Not Going to Tell You about Earning Today, Why Not Those Whose Site so Friends, You’ve Done a Lot of Searching on Google or Youtube on How to Rank a Post.

Where to Position Higher on Google before I Talk about How to Rank a Post on Google, Let Me Tell You That There Are Some Basic Things to Keep in Mind before You Start Blogging. If You Don’t Know These Things before You Start Blogging, You Won’t Be Able to Stick to Blogging. 

How to Rank Higher on Google

১) Domain :-  Until you can start blogging you every purchase a custom domain. You can launch your blog with a free Blogspot domain from today if you don’t want to invest.
২) Hosting :- Hosting is the location where all of the submitted data will be. When you have bought a domain then you need to take a hosting.

৩) Blog Topic : – Until you launch your blog you need to keep this in mind. If you’re working on a subject or something you like, and have experience with it. So, I was discussing your simple stuff, let’s get to the main subject now. How to rate your post at Google’s first page.
One thing to keep in mind is that you don’t think that you posted today and tomorrow it will rank in Google, it will take you some time to rank in Google.Google Boat will check your post well, will check if you have written a good post, Google will look at your post to see if there are full details in your post, after all this your post will rank if it is high minded.
Wait a minute, from the above I said Google will check your post. That doesn’t mean that Google is human, Google is a robot, which works automatically. So here’s what you need to do to rank your post on Google. So that Google understands what you are writing about, and if Google understands then you will rank your post.
First of all, before you write a post or create a blog, you have to give a few good things.
১)  Blog Title :- Before you start your blog, according to the topic, you want to write a post about what you want to do a good search on Google, create a 150-character title and go to the title of your blog’s settings.

Ho to Rank a New Blog ?
২) Description :- Give a description of your blog like your title to match your blog post.
৩) Meta Tags :- Just generate this meta tag just like the title and description and go through this option.
৪) Custom robots.txt : –  search on google( Custom robots.txt Generator for Blogger ) If you search it, you will generate your custom robot text file from the site that will come in front of you and give it here.
User-agent: *
Disallow: /search
Allow: /

৫)  Robots header tags :- Give your custom robot a very good way. Because here you will have the option to be indexed from where you will have control to index your article in Google. You can see the picture below and give it exactly as it is.

Rank On Google
Once these settings are done, your blog’s settings are done. Now you have to enter a few things in your blog post, and in that you will rank your post in Google.  That’s  –

১) High Quality Post :- The post you write for your blog is a good way to check if your post is high quality. How to Write Seo Friendly Blog Posts ?
You write a post and check it in Plagrism Checker to see if your post is 100% unique. If it is unique then very good and if not then write a unique post. Don’t copy and paste by mistake.
২) Title Research :- Once your post is written you will need to take the title for your post. Suppose you are writing a post.

But you have to search it on Google and from here you will get a few more keywords, you can choose a keyword of your choice and give your title.

৩) Description :- Once your title and post are written, you will come to the description and there you will give the description of your post.
৪) Length :- Another thing is that there is a limit to your title and description. Which you have to keep in mind.
How to Rank Blogger on Google

So friends, you will write a blog post with these few things in mind, besides, you have to look at two more things –

১) Backlink :- Even if the above things are set up well, you will need backlinks to rank your posts. This backlink is very important by which your post will rank in Google. This does not mean that you write what you want and it will be ranked.
২) Domain Authority : – Don’t think about this domain authority I just mentioned it to give basic knowledge. Your domain authority will increase when you create a lot of backlinks and when you write good posts on your site. The older your site is, the more your domain authority will increase.
This does not mean that just sitting there without writing a post will increase your domain authority if you think it is wrong.

Start writing the post with these few things in mind ………..

Hopefully in 1 to 2 weeks your post will rank in Google.

How to Rank Higher on Google

I hope you like your post. If you have any difficulty in any matter, you can contact me. I will help you.

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