How To Write High Quality And SEO Friendly Articles ?

Get High Quality Article In Your Site ?

Today’s article is going to be a disaster for all bloggers. because today we will talk about how to write high quality post? this question mostly comes to the mind of new bloggers. if you are new too, don’t worry, i will tell you today for my how to write high quality post? .

How To Write High Quality And SEO Friendly Articles

How To Write High Quality And SEO Friendly Articles ?

If you have just started blogging now or you have started, then you have done it before. But if that is not ranking in google , then there will be sad ness in your mind. And the highest chance of not being ranked is that your post is not correct.

Many people create blogger.Com for free in website or many people start hosting wordpress by purchasing . And even after posting a lot, they are not able to succeed. And the most important reason for this is the quality of his post.

I have seen many bloggers who have published 200+ posts but their traffic is very low. And the reason for this is the lack of quality of the post.

How To Write High Quality And SEO Friendly Articles

If you have to rank and bring organic traffic , then you have to write a high quality post . Otherwise you will keep working hard but you will never be able to get ranked. Let’s know how to write high quality post?

How To Write High Quality Post ?

if you want to see, then high quality post is not a big deal. you just have to do a little research. and a little attention will have to be given to your post. this is the list of writing high quality post, after that we will know in full information.

1) Reasearch Keyword
2) Topic Reasearch
3) Making Your Post SEO Friendly
4) Keyword Avoid Spamming
5) Using Next Genaration Images
6) Use Videos
7) Doing Full On Page Off Page SEO Correctly.

that was the list of high quality post , now know about the high quality post in full information.

1) Reasearch Keyword

if seen, keyword reasearch syed is the most important point of this topic. before writing a blog, it is much more important to do keyword research . with this, your blog has the highest chance of getting traffic.
Reasearch Keyword
you can go to keyword reasearch in many free platforms. you can also do free keyword research by creating a free account in semrush . or by going to the more reliable google keyword planner , you can also research and find keywords.

keywords, you have to search in such a way that competition is low and search volume is also very little. otherwise, traffic will not come in your post if the search volume (0) is there. so work hard to get such keywords miles which also have search volume and competition is low.

2) Topic Reasearch 

if you get a single keyword, it does not mean that your post now ignited in qaulity. after finding the keyword, you have to research the topic by taking that keyword . more and more information will have to be gathered about that topic.

the more you do the topic reasearch, the more you will get idea about what you want to keep in your post and how to write your post properly?

i spend the most time before writing my own post, that is how to write a post. complete information goes over the topic and then i start writing the post.

if you write the topic half-hearted, then your readers will know that you do not know about the topic itself and they will bounce back after reading a little. and this can have a very bad effect on your website in ranking. so always write the complete information before writing the post.

3) Making Your Post SEO Friendly

let us now get a good information on eighty topics too, very well. now is the time to write the post. now when you write a post, take care that your post is seo friendly . if your post is not seo friendly then the chance of ranking will also be less.

what is seo? seo means “search engine optimization”, which you use in your article post and your post from it is considered beneficial in ranking in the search engine.

new bloggers from boht completely ignore seo . and only posts are written. but you do not have to make this mistake and if you are not taking care of seo , then you should focus in seo so that your website gets ranked.

if i like to write posts and articles from seo, i would like to know about seo blogging related to our website. i have written you may also have to read them.

4) Keyword Avoid Spamming

you did keyword research, topic reasearch also and seo also did quite a lot. but despite that your post rank is not happening and even if the rank is down in a few days, then there can be many reasons and the biggest reason is spamming.

if you are doing keyword spamming in your post then you should stop doing this thing as soon as possible. many times they write in their posts from the keyword they have chosen and they think that by writing the keyword so many times, that keyword will be ranked. but this does not happen. in the eyes of google, it is called keyword spamming and because of this thing, the rank of your website may go down.

you have to use your keyword in a perfect and natural way. so that your users who have come to read, do not feel bad seeing your keywords everywhere. if keywords repeat everywhere, then they will bounce back and no post will be found on your rank. so use your keywords naturally in your talks.

5) Using Next Genaration Images

you must have heard a saying ” an image is worth a thousand sabdo “, you will find this sabbad once in every blogger’s post. and in truth this saying is very important to understand you. because if you want to attract users in your blog post, then you will not get much better thing from the image.

you can use all the tools you want, but your post will look incomplete without the image. and google itself says to use images in your post which will give you a boost in ranking. and your post will also get a lot of chance to be ranked.

and if you are using an image or are about to do so.  keep in mind that your image is copyright free. if you use images anywhere in your post and it becomes copyright then your entire website will go down. and if you have the rest for adsense approval then it may be difficult for you to get approval. try to use copyright free image only.

you can also create your own images by going to a website like and using many different themes to create and use the image according to your post, you will not get any copyright and will not face any other problems.

6) Use Videos

using images will be very beneficial for you, so now you think how much the quality of your post will increase if you also get videos in your post. your users will be very impressed and do not want to go anywhere else. because all the information is being received in a single post. blogpost, image and videos are also available. so now the user will not need anything else

you can use self-made videos in your post. if you make youtube videos then you can embed with that also.

and not only this, you will not get any copyright in the video, if you are taking a video from youtube , then it will not be bad to promote someone’s video. and even if someone raises his voice, you take out his video and put the video of another. whichever video you put will be promoted. therefore, you can use any video without any difficulty

7) Doing Full On Page SEO Correctly.

we had earlier said to make our post seo friendly , just like that, now we have to seo our entire blog post . such as url, images, meta tags etc.

first of all, write your title properly because any user sees his title first and after that he comes to our post. after that write the properties of alt in your images so that your image will become seo image. if you do nothing to the video, it will work.

now, in the url, you have to keep your url according to the research that your keyword has done so that your url will also come in seo. and after that, write your meta description regarding your keyword and topic , and your keywords in it. also tell that your meta descrption will also be seo.

all the points above, which i mentioned about the how to write high quality post? , have been understood in all the short points. you can get to know all those poinst better by going to google and create a proper quality of your post.

So, Guys I Hope This Post Will help You

Write a High Quality Post ? And Write A SEO Friendly Article ? And Rank On Google ?

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