How Can People Fly Like Birds ?

Man Can Fly ? 🤔

By putting a small board under the feet, people will fly from one place to another like birds – such a scene has been described before only in science fiction. But that seems to be the case now.

How Can People Fly Like Birds ?
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A French inventor has done just that. Standing on a small board with a bag full of fuel on his back, he crossed the entire English Channel and left one country for another.

His name is Frankie Japata. Age 40. Neither the bird nor the plane is such that the board on which he flew is called a flyboard.

He took off from Sengar, near the French city of Calais, at 6:17 a.m. Sunday. He crossed the English Channel and landed at St. Margaret’s Bay in Dover, Britain. Many people greeted him with applause.

Powered by a kerosene-filled back-pack, the flyboard took 22 minutes to cover 22 miles.

Earlier, on July 25, he tried to cross the channel again but failed. The reason was that the back-pack ran out of fuel.

This time there was no such problem. He got into a boat in the middle of the sea and was able to fly the rest of the way with fresh fuel.

The last time he got into a boat to collect fuel, he fell into the sea.

That being said, this invention could be a landmark event.

Three years ago we made an instrument. And now we are able to cross the English Channel. I am not the one to decide whether it will be considered as a historical event. Only time will tell, said Frankie Zapata. At this time he cried with joy.

Japata said he landed in Dover, where his speed was 160 to 180 kilometers per hour while flying.

Three helicopters were guarding him as he flew through the sky.

Earlier, during a Bastille Day parade in the French capital, Paris, he drew attention to a variety of exercises performed in the sky using such flyboards.
The French military is also considering developing such technology, and has paid about 1.5 million to Zapate, a Japanese company.
In an interview with French Radio, French Defense Minister Florence Parli said that with this flyboard, many things can be done. ‘It involves moving the necessary materials from one place to another quickly,’ he said.
Birds can fly. But why can’t people? Birds do not know how to fly in the sky.
How do Birds Fly ?

When we see birds flying in the sky, if we had wings like the birds of the future, maybe we could fly too. Now the question is how do birds fly? Here are some of the reasons why birds can fly : 

1. One of the features is that they have feathers on them.
2. They can float very easily due to the presence of hollow bones.
3. The bird does everything very fast, breathes fast, leaves feces and urine whenever it wants.
4. The eggs hatch, so the baby never needs to be placed in the bird’s stomach and does not gain weight.
5. Birds eat foods that are very light, such as insects, grains, these foods are high in calories, eat with their beaks.
6. They are warm-blooded.
The Japanese Skydrive Company Made a Flying Car to Fly in the Sky

The Japanese Skydrive Company Made a Flying Car to Fly in the Sky
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Just like a cartoon of The Jetsons, a car flying in the sky. Wait a few days to see this scene. Japan’s SkyDrive Company has developed a flying car to fly in the sky.

Which is experimentally successful. 2020 is the touch of the 21st century. This Japanese company conducts a test drive of a flying car with a man. It is initially flown at a distance of a few feet from the ground. In the test drive, the car was left in the air for 4 minutes. Successful test drive. 
The CEO of the company said, this car will be possible to launch after 3 years.
Japan is the best in the world in its transportation system. Japan by creating fast, convenient transportation. 
Tomohiro Fukuyawa, head of SkyDrive, said: We are working on projects for hundreds of flying cars around the world. But we have succeeded in testing the driver.
The car looks a bit like a small white flight. In size it is not very large. There will be as much space as needed to park two cars. A total of eight motors have been kept for safety. 
So far it is able to go up to 5 kilometers. Later cars will be built to cover more distances. Air traffic control, car batteries and other equipment are still being tested.

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