Why choose Blogger (Blogspot) blog for blogging?

 Why choose Blogger (Blogspot) blog for blogging?

Why choose Blogger (Blogspot) blog for blogging?

Today is the first post of our blog. We will gradually share many details of your blogger tips, tutorials, news. There are many platforms for blogging, such as WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, Weeble. But why we choose Blogger (Blogspot) for blogging, that’s what we will discuss here today.

What is Blogger (Blogspot)?

Blogger is the own company of world-renowned tech giant Google, which is a blogging platform. Using this platform, you can create your personal blog, business blog or website. With the right skills, you can create any kind of website using this platform. However, there are some limitations that appear in Blogger when it comes to advanced level web developing. To create a blog or website with rich content, Blogger has to work manually or with coding, which can be easily done using various plug-ins in WordPress. Blogger has some limitations in this regard.

Have you noticed one thing? But I have mentioned the word blogspot in brackets next to the word blogger. If you are an apprentice, let us know the information for your information. When you register your blog from Blogger.com (http://blogger.com), then your blog will be registered as a subdomain of Blogspot.com. Take a look at the address of our blog (http://example.blogspot.com/). But our blog is appearing as part of Blogspot.com, which means our blog is a subdomain of Blogspot.com. This is the address of our blog. If you wish, you can purchase a full domain (.com, .net, .org, etc) and convert this subdomain blog into a top domain. For example, our other English blog, Blogger.com, is registered and customized, but we have transformed it into a full domain. Remember, this will not change unless your blog address is converted to a top domain. You will be able to do all the work of the blog by reducing the blogger dot as before.

Why Blogger (Blogspot) Blog?

At this stage we will discuss, with so many blogging services on the web, why would we choose Blogger. Below are some important points about the benefits of Blogspot blog.

It is extremely easy to use. There is no redundancy of options like WordPress. It is simple to use . Can be posted in a very simple way.

You can open a blog on Blogger from a Gmail or Google account.

If you are a novice blogger or web developer, then Blogger is definitely the best platform for you. Because there is ample opportunity to gradually increase your skills.

You can edit templates or themes directly on Blogger. This makes it easier to work out the details and increase efficiency. So before you go to WordPress, learn how to handle coding from Blogger. Will work great. You have complete control over the blog, so you can do whatever you want here if you know the job.

If you want to open a personal blog, then Blogger is the best platform for you. Because, in addition to the official visual template for personal blogs here, there are numerous aesthetic templates on the Internet, most of which are free! Most of the blogs in the world are created in this blogger and it can be ranked very easily.

Blogger being Google’s own company, its SEO results are amazing!  With very little time and effort, unprecedented results are found in search engine results.

Since blogs (registered) hosted on Blogger are managed from Google’s own servers, their loading speed is relatively good. It is said that Blogger does not have rich web development.

But now a lot of templates and premium web development are proving the information on Blogger wrong. So, if you have the skills, there is ample opportunity for you to use them on Blogger.

Another great thing is that there are now thousands of aesthetic custom templates available for free on the internet, with which you can design your own blog.

You can solve any problem by searching on Google. There are many blogger help forum type websites like ours on the internet now, through which you can easily find the desired solution to your problem.

Blogger’s limitations

The biggest problem with Blogger is that all its work has to be done manually with the help of coding. It goes without saying that there is no plug-in. Starting from widgets, template editing – Sib is something to be done by coding. There are advantages to this again.

The permalink (i.e. the address or link to the post) of the post on Blogger can be customized, but the format cannot be changed. Format by date only acceptable. Page also has to follow a certain permalink. Since Permaling does not currently support Bengali language, Bengali speaking blogs need to lag behind in SEO.

Level or category based SEO cannot be done, this is a problem due to duplicate content.

The idea is that many high premium websites or blogs will not encourage you to do this. Community blogs can be opened by burning wood, but bloggers are not popular in this regard due to login issues.

But I think if you are a new blogger or web developer, then Blogger is right for you. There are huge benefits to increasing skills and experience. And despite the SEO issues, Google’s nepotism is overshadowed.

I think if you don’t want something very rich and very high size, then Blogger is the best for you. And in my opinion, there is no website in Bangladesh that was impossible to create with Blogger. But no one touched the blogger. And there is as much enthusiasm for WordPress in Bangladesh as there is for bloggers. However, I am slowly realizing the growing popularity of Blogger. The service will gradually become very popular.

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