Why it is important to keep the blog simple

Why it is important to keep the blog simple ?

The main purpose of a business blog is to retain visitors. There is information that is useful to the visitor. Visitors spend time there when they find the information on the blog useful, using that blog over and over again. The information that is in the blog is the lifeblood of the blog.

Why it is important to keep the blog simple

Beyond the information, some other issues also play a role in capturing the visitors. Or conversely, even if there is interesting information, some things bother the visitor.

Visitors are annoyed. Some of these tested topics are mentioned here.

Social sharing button 

The blog can be easily displayed in front of many people by clicking on the social sharing button. These buttons can be easily added. But how many buttons to use? Many use almost as many as can be used.

The reality is, visitors get annoyed. No blog needs 25 buttons, 5 is enough. More sharing buttons do not yield more results, but rather the opposite results.


More advertising means more money. You can advertise in as many places on the site as possible. Many people forget that visitors do not go to any site to see the advertisement, go to see the information there. If the ad stands in the way of information then visitors go to another site.

In fact, more advertising does not increase the chances of income, but decreases the number of visitors.


Most blogs have an archive of all content on the right or left. In reality, visitors do not usually use the blog in this way. Visitors want to find out what they are interested in, not just the date.

The only thing you can do is show how many articles you have written over a long period of time. Compare with the content of the blog, do you really need it? 

Everyone wants it to be nice to see the blog. Take a good look at your blog. If there is anything unnecessary, skip it. This will make the blog feel more professional and the visitors will get the opportunity to use it easily.

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