Paytm Launch Mini App Store – 2020

The Financial Services of Paytm system, currently the largest digital payment system in India, was removed from the Play Store to go against the gambling policy. Although the Paytm app is back in the Play Store in just 4 hours.

Paytm Launch Mini App Store – 2020

Paytm Launch Mini App Store - 2020

Paytm has done a great job with this misuse with Paytm The Indian digital payment system Paytm has teamed up with the developer in India to launch the Mini App Store.

Paytm’s move puts companies like Google, Microsoft and Apple in big trouble. According to Paytm, these mini apps are where a website is and it will work like a human app without downloading.

This saves both phone space and data. Paytm is going to distribute this mini app without any money. The developers of Paytm are Paytm Wallet Paytm Payment Bank can offer UPI Net Banking and Card options.

So far, more than 300 companies have joined the Mini App Store, including Decathlond, Ola, Park + Repido, NetMeds, 1MG, Dominoes Pizza and Freshmenu, Nobroker.

Paytm Launch Mini App Store – 2020

It can be seen that Google is the first Getway of App Store in India and other countries.

There is no question that Google does not have. There are a few countries that have informed you that Google has no name tag in the country. It seems there is no need for Google.

For example, China has Baiju, and in part they have Yandex. Google has been around for 22 years.

If you know this, you may be so excited that he has become the king of Google search engine world now. That’s why Google works on its own.

But this year in India, Paytm could not accept this broken up Paytm, so Paytm is going to launch their own mini app store. This is a challenge for Google.

India Launch Their Own App Store 2020

India Launch Their Own App Store : India is launching their own App Store to competition with Google and Apple.

India Launch Their Own App Store 2020

After that, Indian users will no longer need to rely on Google. Google had said a few days ago that if a developer sells an app or any content from their Play Store, then Google has to pay 30% share.

Following Google’s new policy, various Indian tech companies and developers have decided that India should launch its own app store.

Indian App Store Launch – India Launch Their Own App Store 2020

If India launches its own app store, then this grandfathering of Google will be over. In this context, it is said that the Modi government may launch its mobile service app very soon. According to a report, 500 million people in India use smart phones. Of the 57% who have an Android phone, a few million people buy an eBook or app from the Google Play Store’s Apple Play Store. That’s why people have to pay 30% tax to Google.

India’s leading digital payment system company Paytm and Google are talking against. Google had removed the Paytm App from the Play Store a few days ago. As a result, Paytm asked Google when the cash back offer started to be gambling. Paytm returns to the Play Store within 24 hours.

Google has also sent notices to Food Delivery Service Providers (Swiggy & Zomato). They did not follow the rules of Google Play Store.

Let me tell you that India already has an App Store, with over 1200 apps, it is completely under the control of the government, and it has most of the government apps.

India Launch Their Own App Store

This app store already has Paytm App. Website of these apps is –, many Indian startups feel the need for Indian App Store. The co-founder of Bangalore City Gaming Funds and Assepts Fund has said that if we pay 30% commission to Google and its users will have to pay this tax, then how will our business run, it is very important to have a home app store now Coming forward to help, this is why India is making arrangements to create its own app store, the good thing is that it does not have to pay 30% tax like Google or Play Store.

This app store is working, and it will be available as a pre-install for Android users.

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