How to Purchase Royal Pass in PUBG Mobile Full Guide


Hey Guy’s In this article I share a simple guide to purchase a royal pass in pubg mobile the royal pass is very important in

pubg mobile its a box of rewards and kits which is useful for players to upgrade themselves so we must have a royal pass.
How to Purchase Royal Pass in PUBG Mobile Full Guide

To purchase a royal pass in pubg mobile we must have UC in our account, there are different versions of royal pass and it needs a different amount of UC so The Standard version of Royal Pass price 600 UC and the Elite Plus Royal Pass price 1800 UC.

To Purchase Royal pass  follow these steps 

Step – 1 Open pubg Mobile and check your UC If you don’t have sufficient UC then buy UC from your money because UC is the digital money to buy the Royal Pass.

Step – 2  After that in your right side you find the Royal Pass ( RP ) Selection Here you have Press the Upgrade Button

Step – 3 Select the Royal Pass which you want to purchase like Standard Version of Royal Pass or Elite Plus Royal Pass

Step – 4 Now you have to buy selected Royal Pass, Pay the amount and get your Royal Pass


This is the step to buy Royal Pass.

Features of Royal Pass

Now we discuss about the features of the Royal Pass so the royal pass is like a key of rewards or upgrade kits

which include the puppet  Agent Mask, Lego skins, the ghost outfit, vector, guns and also its help to upgrade your rank in

seasons or you can able to play more mission in pubg mobile so it’s very important or helpful in pubg mobile,

we must have a Royal pass.

What is the use of royal pass?

As we know the royal pass is the kit to upgrade yourself in a pubg game season, we use royal pass to

upgrade our player in game and also it’s helpful to get a good rank, skins, weapons, new features.

What is the difference between Royal Pass and Elite Royal pass?

There are two types of Royal Pass, Standards Royal Pass and Elite Royal Pass we use both as per our requirement or budget

because both have different cost like Standard Royal pass cost around 600 UC and Elite Plus Royal Pass cost 1800 UC.
The Elite Plus Royal Pass is very costly but it comes with more features and the pro player prefer to use

the Elite Plus Royal Pass and the Standard Royal Pass also good one to purchase but it’s have a basic

feature and it’s also used by the player the standard Royal Pass is best selling pass of every season.

From my experience if you have a good budget or you are a pro player then you must go with Elite Plus Pass. It’s amazing and it comes with many different Missions.

Does Royal Pass expire?

Yes it’s Expire when the season is ended


This is one of the most asked questions about the Royal Pass, Is it Expire? So yes it expires with the end of season you must use this pass between the season you have to use your Royal Pass features weapons missions skins, tools, hat, mask to upgrade your player.

Is it worth buying a Royal Pass?

Well this depends on your use or your gaming skills. If you are a pro player then you already know how to use a royal pass so we can say the buying a royal pass is worth it.

How much does royal pass cost?

Standard Royal Pass cost – 600 UC
Elite Plus Royal Pass cost – 1800 UC

I hope you guys know everything about the Royal Pass if you find this article helps you to purchase a royal pass then share with your friend’s.

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