How to get AKM and M416 gun skins in pubg for free

Trick to get AKM and M416 gun skins for free

AKM is one of the best AR gun in the pubg mobile and everyone wants an AKM as quickly as they land and players like to carry the gun with 1 sniper throughout the game as according to them AKM is the best gun with a sniper. They love this combination because they think that sniper can knock out enemies far away from then and AKM will take care of the near by enemies and it is partially true as well. AKM is the best gun for short range combats and house gun fights, it does the maximum damage when used from very near distance. AKM take up 7.62 ammo which is very easily accessible, and has a much faster recoil speed as compared to other close range guns, it can equip up to 6x of scope. So now, I won’t waste anymore time of yours and take you to the trick.

Trick to get the AKM gun skin for free in pubg mobile –

  1. Open your pubg mobile during the event period mentioned below
  2. Play solo mode in pubg mode and in erangel map where you will get random parts, collect them by searching the map.
  3. Players can maximum get 10 parts in a period of 24 hours.
  4. Once the player found all the 10 pieces in the map, he can go to the mail section and claim his reward.

The event mentioned above is only available for few days so you need to hurry up. If you cant find all the pieces then you still can buy it from the shops section in the pubg mobile. If you want to buy the full gun skin then also it is available in the shops section for few of the UC’s.

Get M416 gun skin for free

M416 is also one of the most famous and players favorite AR gun in pubg mobile. There is always a clash between M416 and AKM that which is the best AR gun and which one you should pick with a sniper, and there are always different opinions. Even in your squad, you will find a guy who will prefer M416 over AKM and one who will prefer AKM over M4. For close combat, this gun performs pretty well and it is the best or 2nd best in that. For medium combat, there’s also it the best or 2nd best gun to use and same case for long combat with comparison to other AR available in the game. This gun is equipped with 5.56 and one of the best gun with that ammo, it can equip up to 6x scope. So now, I won’t waste anymore time of yours and take you to the trick.

Trick to get the M416 gun skin for free in pubg mobile –

Step 1:

Collect all the coupons and crate vouchers, and keep opening the crates until the crate you are opening contains the M416 skin. You need not be worried anything about the expiry of the coupons. Once you are interested in any particular crate, use all the coupons and vouchers.

Step 2:

Kill 500+ enemies with any assault rifles to get the latest desert camo skin for M416 gun. You may even check your achievements section ‘Assault Mistry’ to find out how many players you have killed in the game so far.

Step 3:

Thirdly, keep opening all the free crates till you get some of the latest cool free skins of M416 gun.

The premium crates available in the game are paid but the free ones can be easily opened using your mission coins and BP. The free skins you are looking for are only available in the Classic Crates. Unless the developers of the game decides to release some more of the M416 skins in subsequent Royale/Winner Pass season rewards, for now one can only get these M416 gun skins in crates.

It must be also noted that the skin of any particular gun held by any downed player won’t automatically be transferred to you or any player picking up the same gun from the dead enemy’s crate.


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