Fashion Designer Jobs In Canada

Fashion designing is one of the best skills. It is a delightful art that allows sharing creative ideas. That’s why Fashion design has a great scope nowadays everywhere. However, Every brand needs creative fashion designers. It is a common requirement in each society as well. 

So same like other countries, Canada has a broad scope for fashion designing. Fashion on its own is a growing business. There is a lot to do in this business. That’s why there is a huge market for fashion designers. 

A fashion designer creates a strategy of shoes, bags, shirts, suits, pants, and other accessories for men, women, and children. Are you a fashion designer? Do you want to start your fashion designer career in Canada? Then, this content is just for you. Let’s have a look at the detailed review.

Demand For Fashion Designer In Canada

As per discussion, Canada has dependent on Western Civilization. So there is a lot of stuff to be required by everyone. It’s a very high-paying job to work there as a fashion designer. Everyone wants to look good and admirable out of the door. This job has a bright career. 

Toronto and Montreal are called the “House of fashion”. This nominated name declares the importance of the fashion industry in Canada. People follow fashion as a passion. So it is a never-ending opportunity. 

You will pay well and high according to your experience of work. There is no chance of underestimating your profession. It may be the best choice of your life to choose Canada for Fashion Designing Jobs. 

Top 5 Fashion Designer Schools In Canada

It doesn’t matter if you are already familiar with fashion design. It’s is compulsory to learn this course at a Canadian school. It will train you to become an expert in your profession. Here is the detail of the top five fashion designing institutions in Canada;

1.Ryer University School Of Fashion

According to a 2019 conducted survey, Ryer University school of fashion is the best school all over the world. The location of this school is in Toronto. You can get Bachelors’ or Master’s degree as well. Moreover, it is the second most expensive university in Canada. The average rate for one year is 23,066$.

2.Gorge Brown College

It is one of the top-ranking schools in the fashion industry in Canada. It offers three diploma programs. 

3.Coco Fashion Designing Institution

It is basically for garment pattern making. It is another well-reputed institution. 

4.Lassale College 

Lassale college is another international school for learning fashion design. It offers five fashion programs. 

5.Fanshawe College

It is another best Canadian fashion institution. 

Requirements To Become a Fashion Designer In Canada

If you are a citizen of Canada or want to immigrate, you need a complete guide. You can get a high-paying job there as an expert in your field. Here is the elementary requirement you need to follow;


A fashion designer at least has an associated bachelor’s degree. You must require a diploma from the secondary school of the target province. For example,  you need Ontario Secondary school diploma from Ontario province. 

You should also have done courses in Arts, communication, and drafting. 


A comprehensive ranking system is being awarded to international or foreigners. You have a grip on the French or the English language. However, hard work and self-motivation will make you perfect.

3.Work Experience 

Your previous work experience must be two or more years. Your portfolio of work exhibits your fun. So it must be strong. If you are a foreigner, then make sure to have specialized certificates along with you. 

4.Special skills 

You may succeed in this career while having creative abilities. Moreover, you must be original, self-discipline, self-confident, severe, technical, and trendy. 

Fashion Designer Jobs In Canada

After completing all the requirements, you need to search for a high-paying job. There are a lot of opportunities in every province. However, Toronto is one of the best choices to start your career. 

Here is the analysis of Fashion designing jobs and salaries,

1. Job in Calgary offers 27$ per hour.

2. Job in Toronto offers an average salary of 20$.

3. Job in Saskatoon offers 25$ per hour.

4. Hudson offers 25-32$ per hour. 

Final Thoughts

It is not a challenging process to settle in Canada. It is an easy process to get a job in Fashion design in Canada. Every state has its perspectives but the same pattern. 

That’s why make sure to follow all the requirements provided by the institution or state. Expect that this content is eligible to clear all the confusion. So now it’s time to change your fate.

Let’s start your bright career as a fashion designer in Canada.

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